Update on the to-do list

The micoeconomics preparatory course used a real life example that all students will be familiar with. © Kellogg.

I'm running out of time. On Sunday I fly out from London to Evanston. The to-do list has shrunk - partly as a result of pruning out some of the more ambitious items (e.g. learning speed reading and touch typing), but I've managed to get quite a bit done, though there are still a few things left to do.

The most tiresome to-do item has been the prepartory online courses that Kellogg was "pleased" to provide incoming students with. It was tiresome because they required quite a bit of time, and I'm sure a good chunk of the material is already covered in the GMAT and CFA Level 1 (both of which I've had some exposure to). Nevertheless, I appreciated the effort that was put into making the course material applicable for real business situations. Scenarios ranged from a startup's accounting practises to Pepsi's pricing strategies. I think I could really get into some of these courses when they kick off properly in the Fall. However, if a paradoy of those courses is what you're looking for, this video is it.

Among other things, the apartment and living situation is sorted out, and my money is the US - in time for the first tuition (and health care) bill to arrive: over £17,000 for the first quarter - getting that was like getting a punch in the face. I'm also mostly packed up: extraordinarily, it seems that I may just be able to fit my who life into two suitcases, a carry-on and laptop bag... I wouldn't have thought it, but it seems possible.

So what's left on my to-do list? I need to revisit my LinkedIn page and CV. The latter of these has to be put into "Kellogg format", which seems to be just Kellogg's way of standardizing CVs into a standard format for easy perusing by employers. Beyond that, the most important things are those related to my entreprenurial ambitions. I've got a rough prototype. I will soon need to start putting together a list of target companies to approach to see if they'll be first customers. This will be a learning experience in itself. Finally, I also want to make some subtle changes to this blog.

The mania continues. Will it ever stop?

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