Capabilities required to be an entrepreneur

One of my classmates, Shobhit Chugh, has published an insightful post on the capabilities required to be an entrepreneur, as described by Clayton Christensen. In brief, they are:
  • Operated in environments with high degrees of uncertainty.
  • Developed plans to unearth seemingly unattainable knowledge
  • Experimented and found unanticipated customers for a product or service.
  • Placed bets based on theory and intuition, not necessarily detailed data.
  • Resourcefully solved problems without spending much money.
  • Built a management team from scratch - a team with skills matched to the task.
  • Shown experience in fending off certain corporate processes and in harnessing or manipulating others, in order to get the right things done quickly.
Shobhit's post discusses whether consulting is useful preparation for going into startup.