The dearth of software developers

Sometimes I get the impression that every Kellogg student and their uncle is working on starting a web business. If it's not a web business, then it's likely they're it's an iPhone or iPad app business. If not one of those, then perhaps something else requiring software, such as a treadmill that connects to the internet.

Yet, therein lies the problem. At Northwestern, there is a dearth of software developers available to realize these software dreams. The CS department at Northwestern is not the biggest in the country, and it can be difficult to reach students there. The more adventurous fly further afield - to the Illinois Institute of Technology, for example. Yet, I'm still uncertain as to whether any Kellogg student is able to break out of the Evanston bubble long enough to make something like that work.

NUvention Web, an interdisciplinary course designed to build web start-ups, is a starting point for releasing the pent up demand. However, there is still a long way to go. Meanwhile, a Northwestern undergrad has come up with the bright idea that there may be a business opportunity in starting a web development agency that serves Kellogg students.

Inspired by some movie, the guy behind the cash till at the grocery store has decided to build his own social network. Unable to find developers, he's picked up a book and decided how to teach himself programming. There may be a lesson in that for others.

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