The missing two years

I was talking to a friend of mine today and she verified a strange thing that we'd noticed. Whenever you read the biographies of famous people, leaders who have made a difference - they hardly mention anything about their time at business school.

I remember one day, before starting at business school, spending an hour or two in the biographies section of a bookstore. I flicked through some biographies. I sought out the point in the story of these great leaders where they went to business school. What happened to them? What did they do? I barely found any biographies that documented what these people did during business school.

What happened to these great leaders during business school? Did it not make a substantial impact on who they are today? Was it not the 'transformative' experience that some schools try to sell you on?

My own perspective is that there is too much going on - from classes and extra-curricular activities, to social and other things. It's all so much of a blur, it's difficult to figure out what happened. I can hardly remember what I was doing this time last year...

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