Email at the speed of thought

Sometimes I wish I could process emails at the speed of thought. I'm certain one day it will happen. No one could have foreseen that postal mail would be disrupted by email, a technology that seemed ti have appeared from nowhere. Some day the same thing will happen to email. But where will it come from?

I think one thing is for certain: it won't be built on the same technology stack as email: internet protocol, data packets, network wires, computers. Just as email was not built on the technology stack for postal mail, it's likely an entirely different kind of technology.

Nevertheless, this very different thing has to enable communication of some sort. Just as in the pre-Internet era, email might have been used to communicate between just two computers on the planet, the disruptive technology might well be in use today, helping people in two different places communicate. But what and where could it be?

I sometimes wonder if there isn't very nascent biological technology that might some day be developed into communication at the speed of thought. Extra sensory communication is known to exist for plants, so why not turn it into something more sophisticated for humans?

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