Finally conquering the B-School learning curve

Just over four weeks from the end of my MBA classes at Kellogg, I finally feel like I've got into the rhythm of how to study effectively. It's almost a shame it's taken me this long, but I've finally figured out how to most effectively read a case, and even how to keep myself focused and attentive in class.

I blame the slow learning curve (or re-learning curve) to my long time away from the books. I graduated from my undergraduate university in June 2001. I started at Kellogg in September 2009. It's no wonder business schools are trending younger these days, though I still think you need a good amount of work experience to appreciate business school.

Perhaps most alarming is that I'm only now truly appreciating some of the core classes that, when I first started, seemed uninteresting and irrelevant. For example, I never thought I'd say this, but I wish I had taken another accounting class. On the flip side, for some courses, I think one can just learn from the textbook.

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