Raise your game

Have you ever come across a task that you had to do, but did not feel entirely enthusiastic about doing? You know it needs to be done, so you go through the motions and do it. Yet, your lack of passion for the task means it takes longer to complete than it should. You go through life, doing this task and producing above average results. You are happy. Everyone is happy.

Then, one day, you meet someone you loves to do what you think is arduous. They revel and take pride in completing this most boring and uninteresting of tasks. You're surprised anyone could love it. But they do. And you know they do because their output is outstanding. Their output blows your mind. In that moment, you you have to make a decision.

Do you decide that you're in the wrong job - you're doing someone else's job - the job that this other person performs exceptionally well? Or do you decide that a learning opportunity has arisen - that through this person you may be able to raise your game? That, though you may be in the wrong job, an opportunity has arisen to sharpen some of your all-round skills?