Do the impossible

There are certain things in life that are motivating in a mouth opening, mouth watering way. Yet they are impossible to achieve. Nevertheless, if you were to somehow, in someway, manage to achieve one of them - you may have an incredible startup on your hands.

Here are some things that seemed impossible, but have been made possible
  • Getting a meal at your favorite local restaurant for half the regular price (Groupon)
  • Seeing the hot girl in your class' private collection of photos (Facebook)
  • Finding who you know, that might know, someone at a company you are targeting (LinkedIn)

In each of these cases, without the startup in question, it would have been almost impossible to create the value they create. It would have required huge amounts of time and energy to
  • Negotiate a group deal, and find people to participate (Groupon)
  • Infiltrate the hot girl's private photo collection (Facebook)
  • Ask all your friends and colleagues who they know at the target company (LinkedIn)

In each case, the company has made the impossible, possible - and possible with just a few mouse clicks.

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