Pineapples make variable pricing real

Business-folk dream of a world of variable pricing - charging people exactly what they would be willing for a product, but no less. The problem with this notion is that those who pay more feel they have been cheated - that they are paying more for a product than what others are paying.

In some product categories, we can see that variable pricing has been made into a reality. One such category is pineapples, where you can pay $0.16/oz, $0.30/oz or $0.55/oz, depending whatever you're willing to pay...

Pineapple Organic,   $4.99 / ea (weighing 30oz) => $0.16/oz

Pineapple Cored,  Del Monte, 20 oz pkg for $5.99  => $0.30/oz

Pineapple Spear Single, Del Monte  2.7 oz pkg for $1.49 => $0.55/oz

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