Where are Kellogg's alumni in CPG companies?

If you're a business school type person who is starting a business, one of the key resources you have at your disposal is the alumni network. Indeed, with respect to PreScouter - my startup - some of our first customers have been alums of the business school I graduated from, Kellogg.

Like a lot of the "top schools", Kellogg is capable across the board, but in a few particular areas, it is outstanding. One of these areas is in creating generation after generation of brand managers for consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies.

Since PreScouter is a B2B business, and CPGs have been an interesting target customer for us, in early July I did some analysis of Kellogg alumni at CPG companies to understand where they are located across the CPG industry. This was not to approach alumni in these companies per se, but to understand in which companies the Kellogg brand is generally best known and respected.

Below is a breakdown of the ten companies with the largest number of Kellogg alums. The results are interesting, but not surprising.

Num. alumniCPG company
174 Kraft Foods Inc.
96 PepsiCo*
60 General Mills Inc
38 Procter & Gamble
37 Coca-Cola Company
26 SC Johnson
26 Unilever
24 Clorox Company
24 Wrigley
21 MillerCoors
20 Nestle

* = PepsiCo number excludes Gatorade, Tropicana, Quaker Oats, and Frito Lay.

Note: Numbers are based on self-reporting by Kellogg alumni in the Kellogg alumni database.

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