Tumblr: blogging for the masses

When I started this blog, the only real platforms I could consider building my blog on where Blogger and Wordpress. These were the most functional and popular blogging platforms of the time. Yet, in the last two years a third platform - Tumblr - has started to see usage that is changing the landscape of blogging.

At first glance, Tumblr may seem just like Blogger or Wordpress: you write text in a box and it appears on the blog page. Yet, it has been crafted to enable a different kind of blogging - to enable curation of content. You can easily post pictures, movies, quotes and other forms with fewer steps than elsewhere.

Now, you no longer have to be a writer to be a blogger. You can just be a taste-maker, highlighting the content that interests you most. Whereas not everyone feels they are able to be a writer, everyone does have tastes.

As Google Trends shows, the results speak for themselves.

Top: Google searches for Tumblr vs Blogger vs WordPress. Bottom: The same for news references.