Tech Predictions for 2009

Perceptive Pixel is one way one way the which the way people interact with technology is changing.

As 2009 approaches, all kinds of are people starting to think about the future and what it holds. These are my predictions for next year in the technology space: 
  • I think we can expect advances in interaction devices that make it easier for people to interact with computers, as the iPhone multi-touch and Wii's remote control have done. It is the 25th anniversary of the Mac in 2009; perhaps Apple will introduce a touch-screen / tablet PC that works.
  • Increasing availability of free wifi spots driving mobile internet usage. My sister wanders around her university, shopping centres and home - constantly browsing the internet on her iPod Touch (not iPhone) through free wifi spots.
  • New collaborative / Social Media technologies for the workplace take off. For example, at my current workplace we have started using Yammer, a Twitter type thing.
  • With Firefox 4 adding Prism and Chrome already including Google Gears, more and more applications will be built for the web browser rather than the desktop. i.e. more things like Google Apps and Zoho.
  • New forms of devices that are neither mobile phones or computers will continue to reach expanding niches. This continues the trend of devices such as satnavs, flip cameras, ebook readers and portable gaming devices such as the PSP.
  • The internet will continue to challenge newspapers, movie producers and all other creators of content. How can money be made when content becomes free? Media companies, such as local newspapers, will continue to face bankruptcy.  News ways of funding / paying for content will need to be found. These could include, creating scarcities (pdf), crowdfunding, or new forms of product placement.

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