First day of class, still no rest.

How do you find enough time to get around to doing everything? The above is one solution. ©

CIM Week, and pre-term with it, have finished. So in theory I've now got some more time to myself. In reality, it's the first day of class and I'm finding I'm still struggling to keep up with everything. Here is what we have going on at the moment...

Group work: The Leadership and Organisations course (aka MORS) that we had packed into pre-term has a group coursework outstanding. Each of us in our groups of six has to interview a top leader to ultimately produce an analysis of how these leaders use their social networks. I'm looking forward to getting some insights from these leaders. My only gripe is getting time with top leaders to talk to interview them about this. If we all can, this could be a really interesting project.

Social scene: The social scene at Kellogg is very active. Thus far, people seem to be hitting the bars quite regularly. Some people seem to be focused entirely on "networking" - I come across too often at every event I frequent. What I've also found interesting is how quickly stories spread across the student body. Any story of any kind of incident spreads like wild fire.

Reading: Pretty much all the courses have reading that they require. There is far more reading to do for courses than there is time to do them. Some of the reading is quite fascinating, while other parts of it are dry and put me to sleep. Not all the professors seem to use the readings to the same extent. At this stage, I'm still trying to figure out how to best go about tackling the readings.

Extra-curricular: All the clubs at Kellogg have started emailing the students about their events and kick-off meetings. They are keen to recruit first years to leadership positions. On an aside, I've signed up for the MIT Sales competition as a way of developing my sales skills.


  1. Hey DG, your blog has been awesome. I visited Kellogg this Monday and I did wanted to meet up, but was not able to schedule it with you.

  2. Hope you enjoyed your visit!


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