Is Paypal changing the way companies manage payments?

I recently opened a Paypal Merchant account so that the business, PreScouter LLC, can accept credit cards. I was surprised to find Paypal offering more than just a way send a receive money.

Paypal allows you to send invoices, and manage invoices. With a few clicks, an email invoice is created and you can send them to your clients. You can then use their interface to see which invoices are outstanding, as well as send reminders. You may not appreciate it, but this kinda blows my mind. This saves time in (a) having to check you postal mail box for checks (b) taking checks to the bank (c) having to write letters or emails with invoices and reminder letters (d) worrying about tracking all the invoices -- have you received all the payments due to you?

If you can invoice and get all your clients to pay via credit card or paypal, I think a company could save on hiring 0.25 to 0.5 of a person to manage all the payment tasks associated with a business. This does all come at a cost, though. Paypal is going to take 1.9% to 2.9% of your revenue, depending on the amount of business that you do. It may be worth it.

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