Kellogg's Superbowl Review

There's been a lot of attention around Kellogg's Superbowl review, both within and outside Kellogg. With now a long history behind it, it has been growing in prominence. Professors Calkins and Rucker deserve credit for what they've established, underlining Kellogg's strength in marketing.

In terms of the ads themselves, I like Chrysler's Eminem Super Bowl Commercial - Imported From Detroit. It reflects current cultural themes of the hardship of the recession, while inspiring the viewer to strive for luxury through traditional "hard work" values. At the same time it juxtaposes a "beautiful" view of Detroit against the more down-trodden imagery that is more common in the press. It's an advert well timed - it could not have worked several years ago, and won't carry the same interest in a few years.

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