There are fleeting chances, every day

One of the things that most fascinates me about business schools, particularly in the US, comparative to my undergrad experience in the UK, is the way that these schools bring people together - from the local vicinity as well as all over the world.

The first way in which this "bringing people together" role is apparent is obvious - through the students that arrive every year, to learn and earn their MBA, Phd or other certification. Just recently their has been talk of Kellogg recruiting students for the Executive MBA program from London -- it appears there are already students who "commute" from their to Kellogg's Miami campus.

However, there are other ways too - such as guest talks, conferences, exchange programs with foreign schools, on-campus recruiters - to name just a few. In some ways, the business school campus may have more in common with a transport commuter hub - such as an airport - than one would think.

What does this mean for those passing through this hub? I summarize it in just one word: opportunity. It allows you to take your ideas, plans and life in completely different directions. It gives you a chance - just a chance - to fleetingly catch someone as they pass by that could take you to a different place. Often, this may not be the person you expect.

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