Reflecting on Winter quarter classes

We're hitting the seventh week of Spring quarter, here at Kellogg. This puts us a mere 16 or so weeks away from graduation. I feel like time has been flying by particularly fast over the last few months. Where has all the time gone? (Perhaps in writing blog posts :-S).

This quarter I'm taking the following classes
MORS460 really buys me time to think about my team experiences at Kellogg - and helps me reflect on what has worked and where things went wrong. MKTG922 is a project that my team did most of the work for over the Summer, buying me time to work on other things this quarter. The project, comparing how food companies use media and media companies make food shows, has really helped me learn a lot about CPG marketing - which is where the 'state of the art' is - so I'm appreciate of that. ENTR462 and MKTG 465 are helping me think through my startup interests.

Bidding soon opens for the Spring Quarter.

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