Microsoft's extended family

The FT has written an article about Nokia's new strategic relationship with Microsoft, Elop jumps into the arms of former boss:
On Friday, Mr Elop [Nokia CEO], a Microsoft executive until last September, jumped into the arms of his old boss. 
At a London hotel, Mr Elop was joined by Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s chief executive, and the two men announced a partnership under which the Finnish group plans to use the US tech company’s smartphone operating system. 
Mr Elop is betting that Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system will belatedly enable Nokia to fightback against Apple’s iPhone and devices featuring Google’s Android smartphone operating system.
Microsoft first captured IBM as a distribution partner through personal relationships - ultimately "making the business" that is the modern day Microsoft. It is interesting note the level to which personal relationships continue to play an important role for a company now as gigantic as Microsoft.

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