Has anyone ever angered you?

Has anyone ever angered you? Have they frustrated you such that you really just want to shout at them? I've sometimes felt like that. And sometimes reacted in that way too. But anger leads to anger. A downward spiral is inevitable. Reciprocity rules.

Perhaps one lesson I've learned at business school, that I've started to appreciate on a more systematic basis than I might have done before business school, is perspective taking.

Perspective taking requires that we consider the other person's point of view. Why are they acting the way that they are? What are their fears? What are their pressures?

Twice now I have been close to severely burning bridges. I resisted both times thinking, 'Ah, it's just school'. No one remembers what happens at school. Why leave a lasting bad feeling?

Both the people I nearly burnt bridges have since paid great dividends for me. I doubt they would have if I had burned those bridges.

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