Kellogg Buys From Kellogg

When you decide on the MBA program that you choose to undertake, there are many things that you have to consider: the quality of the education, the reputation of the school, and the facilities the school offers, for example. Yet, I'm finding the most invaluable element to be the alumni network.

There is an written rule among Kellogg alumni that they will help one another. It is perhaps first evident when you apply to the school, at which point you are interviewed by alumnus. This practice is also evident when you graduate, at which point you are already helping the school by interviewing prospective students.

As an entrepreneur, I've found the individuals at companies who have been most willing to give me a few extra minutes to explain my service, those who have given me the benefit of the doubt most - are Kellogg alumni. This, in itself, raises expectations - that you are not going to let them down, and that you will deliver on what you say you will and reward their commitment. So my first focus when I graduate will be in making sure that I stay true to their commitment.

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