Google+ Present vs. Facebook Past

They were supposed to be the same thing - Google Plus and Facebook were both supposed to be social networks. Yet recently, the unique ways in which these platforms have emerged them headed in wildly different directions.

Facebook has always been the way in which young, social people shared their social life: what they did on holiday, where they went to last night, what they had for breakfast etc. All of these moments were inevitably captured in photos and uploaded to Facebook. According to Mashable:
Facebook has a larger photo collection than any other site on the web. According to an extrapolation of photo upload data reported by Facebook, the site now houses about 60 billion photos compared to Photobucket’s 8 billion, Picasa’s 7 billion and Flickr’s 5 billion.
Over time, Facebook's most valuable asset has become the treasure trove of historical information it has collected on all its users.  Facebook Timelines now puts this center stage, allowing users to easily pursue the social life histories of other people. With Timelines, your Facebook profile is almost the resume of your social.

Meanwhile, Google+ is front and center focused on the present - the here and now. Google has been, for some time now, obsessed with making real time search a reality. While this is something that Facebook could have implemented years ago, Google has made real time search one of the first additions to their social network platform. In this same vein, Google+'s core feature is Hangouts - allowing people to have real-time video chats in groups. For Google, social networking is about the interactions you can have right now, in real time.

These wildly different directions mean we are headed to a choice: If you want interact with a person right now, head to Google+. If you want to dig through that person's history, head to Facebook.