Kenyan farmer lauds internet as saviour of potato crop

We sometimes forget that the Internet has yet to penetrate many parts of the world. This amazing story of a farmer in rural Kenya shows us the impact the Internet can have on those parts of the world.
Kenyan farmer Zack Matere pulls his mobile out of his pocket holds it up and takes a couple of photos.

"It seems they have come back and are digging here again."

He is referring to a group of people who have encroached on a water catchment area and are endangering the whole community's water supply.

"When they came before, I took photos of what they were doing, posted them on my Facebook page and was able to get assistance."

"I got in touch with Forest Action Network and they came back to me quickly saying they would help me protect the catchment area."

This is just one of the ways in which he uses the internet.

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